In person, Pajama Professional is an AI Automation specialist and Content Creator with 25 years of IT and customer service experience. She uses internal and external knowledge bases, her winning smile and (now!) generative A.I. to provide services in and/or adjacent to the realms of IT Support, Marketing, Content Creation and AI Automation.

Who is Pajama Professional?

Viral Videos

What can We do for You?

Create short video clips for services like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok using a proprietary system combining various tech and my own customizations

a pink person in a gray coffee shop working on a laptop
a pink person in a gray coffee shop working on a laptop
Optimized Workflows

Eliminate many repetetive and tedious tasks and increase efficiency in day-to-day operations with easy-to-implement agents and automations.

With no code and just a few simple instructions, your AI agent can create a business website for you in less time than it used to take you to commute to work.

Pixel-Perfect Websites

With laser-focused SEO and customized writing styles, you can take your A.I. assistant's copy output to a whole new level. Not only will your agent write emails and reports, with their assistance your social media accounts, websites, and marketing channels will be highly stylized and tailored to very specific needs.

Compelling Content